Welcome to The Klinic,
The Klinic is directed by Prof. Mounir William & Dr. Shery Mounir forming “Father & Daughter team”.
As we all know that our Physical appearance has great influence on our Self confidence.
Here, We are able to combine Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology to achieve beautiful, healthy skin & hair with most recent treatments & new technology.
Our valued patients are provided with Personalised Health Care.
Our practice is committed to educate our patients with all aspects of their medical condition or the cosmetic procedure.

Prof. Dr. Mounir William Labib
Consultant of Plastic surgery.
Consultant of Dermatology & Laser therapy.
Consultant of Venereology, Andrology & Infertility.

Dr. Shery Mounir W. Labib
Cosmetic Dermatologist.
EBDV - M.SC of Dermatology & Venereology.
Dip. of Laser Applications & Dip. of Clinical Nutrition.