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About us

Prof. Dr. Mounir William Labib, The Klinic – Cairo, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Mounir William Labib

Consultant of Plastic surgery
Consultant of Dermatology & Laser therapy
Consultant of Venereology, Andrology & Infertility

His vision is combining invasive & non-invasive procedures to reach the best result for the patient as his experience exceeds 20 years in this field.

His expertise includes plastic surgeries, post burn reconstruction surgeries & also congenital anomalies

He has special interest in laser therapy, cosmetic procedures. In addition to surgeries & medical treatments related to male infertility & Andrology.

Prof. Dr. Mounir William presents many TV programs aiming to increase community awareness regarding plastic surgeries, skin diseases & different cosmetic procedures.


Dr. Shery Mounir

European Board of Dermatology & Venereology
M.Sc of Dermatology & Venereology
Dip. of Laser Applications
Dip. of Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Shery Mounir, The Klinic – Cairo, Egypt

She started her career with “Clinical Nutrition Diploma” on 2010 then She obtained her “Master degree” in Dermatology & Venereology on 2012, followed by her “Laser applications Diploma” on 2014.

On 2016, she finished the “European Board of Dermatology & Venereology – EBDV”.
Her post-graduate training included several courses with European Academy of Dermatology; “Fillers” in London. “Botox” in Greece. “Genodermatosis” in Austria. “Itch” in Belgium. “Hair & scalp” in Italy.

Dr. Shery Mounir treats different skin diseases & facial skin problems using medical treatments, laser treatments & different cosmetic procedures.

She also has a special interest in treating hair problems, Acne scars, Vascular skin lesions & early diagnosis of skin cancers with the “Dermoscope”.