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Plasma Treatment for Hair

Plasma Treatment for Hair

Platelet Rich Plasma “PRP” is a procedure that uses your own blood to repair damaged tissues in the body.

What exactly is PRP ?

PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma”. Plasma is a portion of whole blood that is separated from the red blood cells through centrifuging.

It contains high concentrations of platelets. These platelets contain many “Growth factors” which stimulate the stem cells. Then, these stem cells stimulate new collagen and slow the signs of ageing.

How is the plasma procedure done ?

PRP is 3-step procedure that involves having your blood;

  1. Drawn from your arm.
  2. Placed into a machine that separates the plasma from the rest of your blood.
  3. Plasma is Re-injected into your Face or Hair.

At the Klinic, we use the special “Plasma Tubes” that can significantly increase the efficiency of plasma injection. Tubes with special kits can increase concentration of platelets enriched with growth factors.

Is Plasma good for your Hair?

Plasma rich in growth factors and nutrients is safe and effective way to reverse hair loss and activate new hair growth. Plasma also benefits hair transplant to grow thicker and healthier.

What does Plasma do for the Hair?

Plasma – which is rich in Platelets – is injected deep into the scalp to reach the bottom of the hair follicle, may stimulate specialized cells named dermal papilla cells, which play a critical role in hair growth.

Plasma injections help both men and women with hair loss by stimulating the growth of new hair and restore hair density.

How many Plasma injections do you need?

Most PRP therapy requires 3 treatments 4 – 6 weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are required every 3 – 6 months.

What are the Benefits of Plasma treatment ?

Plasma offers many advantages:

  • Minimal down time.
  • Natural looking results.
  • Cost effective treatment.
  • Rapid results with long-term benefits.
  • Very few contraindications.
  • High level of patient satisfaction.

Who is NOT a candidate for Plasma therapy ?

While Plasma is considered safe, it’s not recommended for people with medical conditions that affect the platelets as:

  • People with recent fever or recent illness.
  • People with history of with cancer or chemotherapy intake.
  • People with liver or blood diseases.

If you’re thinking about trying Plasma treatment, Visit us at The Klinic. We will assess your condition on an individual basis and evaluate your Skin and tell you what can be most effective for you.

At the Klinic, We will give you all the advice you need.

Please call The Klinic if you have any questions or concerns at 002-01004005465 or 002-01149918851
(Daily from 10 am – 4 pm except Fridays & Sundays)