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Cosmetic Hand Procedures

Cosmetic Hand Procedures

As you get older, Our hands can show signs of ageing more than other parts of the body. The skin becomes thinner and lose volume and elasticity.

What are Hand Rejuvenation treatments?

These are different procedures that are done for the hands to improve their quality and texture while decreasing wrinkles and prominent veins.

At the Klinic, Women at different ages with different skin types can benefit from our treatments. During your consultation, we will explain what is the most suitable procedure for your hands.

What is Anti-ageing Hand Lift?

Anti-ageing hand lift for fresher-looking skin and less prominent hand veins can be achieved through injectable dermal fillers.


Fillers add volume to regain skin elasticity and give skin an immediate lifting with natural looking results.

What are the skin boosters treatment for Hands ? 

Skin boosters for Hands involve injections of hyaluronic acid. This soft, gel-like substance absorbs water and brings deep skin hydration to hands for moisture and improving firmness.

What can Plasma injections do for the Hands?

Plasma injections use the patient’s own blood to help rejuvenate skin of the hand. Plasma contains platelets which are rich with several growth factors. It is great natural option for hand rejuvenation as plasma can diminish sun spots, freckles, and improve wrinkled skin.

Varicose veins on a female senior leg close up
If you’re thinking about your Hands, Visit us at The Klinic. We will assess your condition on an individual basis and evaluate your Skin and tell you what can be most effective for you.

At the Klinic, We will give you all the advice you need.

Please call The Klinic if you have any questions or concerns at 002-01004005465 or 002-01149918851
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