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Lasers for Dark Spots

Lasers for Dark Spots

Fractional Lasers, Q-switched Lasers as well as Laser light therapy can safely and effectively remove unwanted brown spots on your skin.
Different lasers have different mechanism of actions to treat the spots and to have your skin tone back.

Fractional Lasers
Fractional lasers (Erbium YAG , Carbon dioxide lasers) work by dividing the laser beam into thousands of tiny deep columns into the skin. Superficial dark cells are expelled and the penetration of laser deep to the skin leads to new collagen formation. The surrounding healthy tissue remains unaffected and helps in a faster healing process.


Q switched Lasers

Q-switched Lasers have demonstrated significant efficacy by selectively destructing pigment dark cells. These lasers break down pigments which are released into the skin and are then disposed off by your body. They are widely used for dark spots and removal of tattoos.

Laser light therapy
The light therapy is best absorbed by the dark spots in the skin. The surrounding skin cells aren’t affected, because they don’t have the dark pigment, they don’t absorb the laser energy.

What are the Post Laser treatment instructions?

  • Sun exposure must be minimal for the first 4 – 7 days after your session.
  • Mild swelling can occur and should resolve in 2 – 3 days.
  • Skin reddness can occur for 3 – 5 days.
  • We will give you special skin care instructions to help maximize the effects of your treatment.
  • Use cool water and a gentle cleanser for the treatment area.
  • With laser resurfacing, skin peeling will take place as new skin replaces dead skin tissue.

Although Laser treatments are generally considered non-surgical procedures, downtime after the sessions depends on the type of laser. Some lasers don’t require downtime at all, while others can require a 1 – 2 weeks for the healing process.

Which Laser is best for your condition?

If you are considering laser treatments to improve your dark spots and your skin condition contact us at At the Klinic. We will choose the device suitable for your skin problem, based on your skin type as well as your life style activities.

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