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Best Skin Care Routine for your Age

BlogBest Skin Care Routine for your Age

Best Skin Care Routine for your Age

Skin care products are important to improve skin quality, enhance facial rejuvenation.
A good Cleanser and a Moisturiser should be part of every skin care routine no matter your age or skin type. A moisturiser can have a sunscreen as well, and make sure it has broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection with an SPF 30 or greater.
If you wear makeup, add a good makeup remover before the cleanser to help you get it all off. You should not sleep with makeup as this might clog the pores and cause acne.
However, as skin changes as we get older, there are ingredients we can add to keep you always looking your best.

In Your 20s, Time to develop a good skin routine. As your skin is so nice, so you don’t need excess support from your skin care products.

Adjust your routine to your skin type: dry, oily, combination or normal skin. Dry skin tends to get rough or flaky in spots. Oily skin becomes shiny several hours after you wash it and your pores may be more prominent. Combination skin is a little of both, Your skin can be dry in some spots and oily in others, usually around the nose and chin.

At The Klinic, we can help you choose your skin routine that is suitable for your skin type and treat your Skin problems such as Acne, Dark spots if present.

In Your 30s, You will start to feel some changes in your body and also on your skin. Your skin cell turnover starts to slow down, this may cause your complexion to look a bit dull. You should exfoliate your skin several times a week (this depends on your skin type). You need to add Hyaluronic acid to your routine as you need more skin hydration. Also add Antiaxidants as Vitamin C & Vitamin E which fight against free radicals & help your skin maintain its glow.

Breakouts of Adult-onset Acne might occur and should not be ignored. With the Klinic, it’s always personal so we do proper assessment, give you best treatment. If you started to experience fine lines or loss of some volume, we will help you get rid of them as well.

In Your 40s and Beyond, This is the decade where some signs of ageing become visible. Fine lines appear around the eyes and forehead.You may notice sagging skin and skin folds turn to be more deep. Your skin becomes more sensitive and should be much more hydrated. In addition to Hyaluronic acid and Antioxidants, add Retinol, Peptides, Collagen boosters to fight fine lines and enhance collagen production.

At The Klinic, we perform clinic procedures which help in skin rejuvenation and stimulate collagen in your skin.

Remember, No matter your age, it’s never too late to start taking better care of your skin. Schedule your appointment at The Klinic, so you can look as good as you feel.