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The Benefits of Plasma with Microneedling

BlogThe Benefits of Plasma with Microneedling

The Benefits of Plasma with Microneedling

Are you interested in a quick refresh, without a downtime? If so, Microneedling with Plasma could be what you are looking for. As this is one of our favourite, mostly required procedures at the Klinic, we would like that you have this experience as well.

Both microneedling and Plasma treatments are minimally invasive. There is minimal recovery time needed and patients can usually return to work next day. The treatment is both effective and safe for every type of skin.

This is an excellent option for individuals with darker skin unable to receive many of the treatments currently available. Most patients are good candidates for this type of the procedure, with only few contraindications to both treatments.



A microneedling treatment involves the use of a special device that contains many fine needles that puncture the skin. The microneedling depth is adjusted and customized for each case. This stimulates the release of growth factors and cytokines which stimulate collagen production and helps improve skin texture and skin firmness. This treatment has many benefits as improving fine lines, reducing acne scars, lightening dark spots, and reducing the appearance of large pores.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) uses patient’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin. A blood sample is taken  then placed into a centrifuge which separates the plasma from other blood components. Plasma contains a high concentration platelets and growth factors to help stimulate collagen and elastin production for youthful-looking skin. PRP can also help to decrease dark circles undereyes, improve Skin complexion, sun spots and fine lines.

When we Combine both treatments, that what is known with “Vampire Facial”. Plasma can be applied to the skin following microneedling treatment to ensure that the plasma is fully absorbed.

This creates additional tightness in your skin while increasing the speed of your natural healing process. As the production of collagen continues to increase, your skin will be able to regain its natural glow and firmness.

If your skin is showing signs of the ageing process, Schedule your consultation at The Klinic as  this treatment will make a great difference in your appearance.